El templo minoico de Zominthos sale a la luz

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La excavación arqueológica en las afueras de Pisloritis ha revelado un importante descubrimiento.

In the excavations carried out this year in Zominthos under the direction of the honorary curator Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki, a stately labyrinthine complex with huge halls, stairways, corridors and workshops has emerged under a shower of bulky stones.
The findings are numerous. Seals, bronze, bone and ivory jewelries, as well as bronze figurines of excellent art give another dimension of Minoan Crete, beyond the maritime supremacy and that is the mountains and especially Psiloritis.
In parallel with the excavation, specialist craftsmen have undertaken the conservation of the building walls and the revelation of the murals.
The archaeologists participating in the excavation are the following: Yiannis Georgiou, Angelos Boufalis, George Georgakopoulos, Katerina Boukalas, Eleni Christakis, George Kalomiris and the archaeology students Vemou Erato, Sofia Zeibekoglou. The designers: Yiannis Androulidakis, Kalliopi Theodoropoulou and Vasilis Cheretis. Also, the architect Christos Trigonakis, the conservator Myron Nikakis and a large group of specialist conservators form Knossos.

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